IPTV or Internet Protocol (IP) TV runs over high speed Internet. Traditional TV systems like satellite/cable/dish TV have been used by the masses for years. These TV systems have their technical lacunae which have been felt by people over years. People have been using these traditional TV systems-satellite/dish/cable TV systems- for years and decades. The shortcomings of traditional TV systems have been accepted and incorporated by people in their daily TV viewing.

IPTV offers better TV viewing

            The following features of IPTV have outdone traditional TV systems:

  • IPTV uses high speed Internet. Internet has rapidly spread across the country over decades. The speed and quality of Internet have enhanced in both mediums-wired and wireless- over past few years.
  • High speed Internet is even available on mobile devices besides traditional Internet connection devices. This has added to the reach and reliability of Internet.
  • The quality of IPTV over high speed Internet is much better than traditional TV systems like satellite, dish, cable TVs, etc.
  • IPTV can be watched over devices like Laptop, Desktop, IPAD, etc besides regular TV sets.
  • Unlike traditional TV system, IPTV does not need exclusive dedicated equipments to have high quality TV viewing.
  • IPTV can be watched over other TVs as it does not need dedicated devices hooked to individual TVs.
  • IPTV can be simultaneously watched over multiple TVs and devices but IPTV providers have restricted the number of TVs and devices that IPTV can be watched simultaneously with one IPTV subscription account.
  • Since IPTV is used over high speed Internet hence one IPTV subscription account can be used to watch TVs on two different locations.
  • High quality IPTV streaming is available in crowded urban areas where houses/buildings are surrounded by high-rise buildings.
  • High quality IPTV streaming is available in remote areas which have access to high speed Internet.
  • IPTVhas enhanced technological maturity, nowIPTV providers are offering HD IPTVto its customers.

IPTV is economical than traditional TV systems-satellite/cable/dish

  • IPTV uses high speed Internet as backbone for their high quality IPTV streaming Internet is comparatively cheaper these days than earlier times. It helps in reducing the overall cost of IPTV viewing.
  • IPTV systems do not need dedicated exclusive devices which also reduce the overall cost of IPTV viewing. Since additional dedicated exclusive equipments are not required which reduces the expenses on purchasing, maintenance, and periodic upgrades and replacement of these dedicated equipments.
  • One IPTV subscription account can be used for multiple TVs and other devices. Many IPTV users use one or minimal number of subscription account for multiple TVs and other devices. If the subscription accounts are lesser than obviously it will reduce the overall cost of IPTV viewing.
  • Internet is generally not exclusively used for IPTV viewing. It is also used for other Internet related works like emails, online searches and other related works. Since the Internet is not exclusively used for IPTV only which reduces the overall costs of Internet. Hence, the overall Internet costs can also be divided between its uses etc.
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