Associating yourself with a non-denomination church is a very important move. It will help you worship, connect with others and connect with God as well. In the Bible, we are reminded that the church is God. The Bible also says that it is God’s will that we continue gathering. Therefore, the church is a very important part of our lives. We go to church to worship, connect with others, and have a break from what we have been doing during the week. The first step is identifying yourself with a church. There are many churches out there that make a suitable choice that is not that easy. When making your choice, there are things that you must always consider. Here are some of them

  • Commitment to Biblical teachings

This is the first important tip and consideration while choosing Biblical teaching. The preaching of the gospel and the teaching of God’s words are very important for our maturity and faith to grow as well. When we go to church, we are simply gathering together as believers. It is at that point that we can celebrate the work of our God. Before joining any congregation or the church, it is very important to make sure that the church is committed to Biblical teachings and the spreading of the gospel.

  • Passion for mission

Another important thing that you should always consider when choosing a church is the passion for mission. It is very important to understand and remind ourselves that we are called to spread the word in all nations, all tribes, all people, and everywhere. If you are attending any non-denomination church that has no passion for mission, it is an indicator that you are not at the right place. Find a church that is passionate about spreading the word.

  • A church where God wants you

Before choosing a church, you must have a conversation with your God. Many people have found themselves in the wrong churches with wrong doctrines because they made hasty decisions of joining a church. You should never think of going to a church where you want to go. Make sure that it is where God wants you to be.


Choosing a non-denomination church to fellowship with is not an easy task. If you make a wrong choice, you will find yourself in the wrong church with the wrong doctrines. That is why you should consider factors such as the passion for mission, commitment to biblical teachings, and where God wants you among other things.

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