Before you apply the tattoo numbing cream, there is a need to ask your artist if they are comfortable with the whole thing. Most of the artists don’t like and majority will refuse to work on a skin which has been numbed. The agents for numbing make the skin to feel plastic, and this might end up preventing the ink from penetrating properly.

Most artists do have their antiseptic sprays which they utilize with clients. They are generally easier to work with and you will respond well to them. It won’t be good applying a numbing cream and having the artist applying something else as well.

With the above in mind, numbing creams tend to come in various forms; gel, cream or spray. What you have to first do is to read the instructions on the label to get to know how it has to be used. The following are some of the general instructions:

  • 1:The area has to be cleaned with water and soap. Pat it dry using paper towel or just allow it to dry. The skin which is clean with no dirt and oil will absorb the numbing cream better which makes it to be more effective.
  • 2: Place on waterproof gloves like the latex ones which are readily available which will prevent the tattoo numbing cream from having to activate areas which you do not want it to. It is not good to have numb fingers when what you need is to get your leg tattooed.
  • 3: Apply the amount of cream as directed by the manufacturer of the cream to the designated area. If it says you make a thin layer, you shouldn’t blob it on. If it says you apply a generous amount, then that is what you should do. There are certain labels which have directions that are vague and thus, you will need to utilize your discretion. If you are the one using it, you need to consult the tattoo artist to give you some professional guidance, or you can go ahead and apply the same amount that you would have applied when using an ointment to an area on your skin that has a rash
  • 4: In case the numbing cream doesn’t act fast, you need to wrap the area with some saran wrap. The heat of the body will be able to speed the process of activation. You should leave it there for about 30 minutes before the session or until you have a feeling that it is working. Avoid leaving the cream on your skin surface for over an hour, hoping that it will end up lasting longer. If you do so, it might end up affecting your healing process or even cause the nerves to become hypersensitive.
  • 5: The cream has to be rinsed off before the start of the process of tattooing unless it is stated otherwise. In some instances, the topical creams might end up irritating skin which is broken. For some vasoconstrictors, you can apply to a broken skin after every 15 to 20 minutes so that the numbness effect can be extended.
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