If you are getting on in years and love the independence that comes with solo living, you need to make some adjustments. Your kids are always worried about your well-being, which is perfectly natural and in order to reduce their concern, here are a few ways that you can retain your independent lifestyle.

  • Safely access upstairs – With a range of new stairlifts in Luton just around the corner, you can rent or buy a unit that is tailored to fit your staircase. Make contact via the supplier’s website and arrange for a technician to visit you at home where you can discuss the options and the technician can give you a quote.
  • Buy or rent – Some people have a temporary mobility issue, which might be due to a personal injury or post-surgery recovery. Others decide to purchase a stairlift and have it serviced by the supplier. Much like double glazed windows, a stairlift is custom built to fit the staircase, which might be straight or curved and with a streamlined look, the modern stairlift blends with the décor.
  • New or reconditioned – The supplier has both new and used stairlifts, depending on your preferences. The supplier also has a low-interest loan service, while you might qualify for government support.

If you would like to explore the potential that a stairlift brings, talk to a leading UK stairlift supplier, an established company with all the solutions. You can retain your solo lifestyle if you carry out a few adjustments at home, plus you can use local care services for assistance with housework and other daily chores.

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