About Test Smartly Labs.

The Test Smartly Labs Testing Centers are welcoming, accessible, and private. Drug testing, paternity testing, and DNA testing are all available through affordable One-Stop lab testing. Test Smartly Labs specializes in DNA and drug screening. They offer tests for both businesses and individuals. Paternity and relationship tests, immigration tests, forensic analysis, and lineage testing are among the DNA tests they offer. Allergy testing, DOT testing, hormone testing, and fitness and health testing are just a few of their other offerings. Test Smartly Labs is a dependable companion that provides its clients with inexpensive, trustworthy, and convenient medical and safety lab test solutions.

A wide range of Lab tests is available.

Test Smartly Labs creates innovative products. Clean, comfortable, convenient, and private testing centers are available. Almost every form of lab test, including Drug & Alcohol, Paternity, DNA, STDs, Allergies, Titers, Hormones, and Blood Tests, is at an extremely affordable price. While they do not treat sick individuals, they play a vital role in testing for and detecting deficits, illicit drug use, DNA, and much more.

 Individuals, employers, small to medium-sized businesses, social services, courts, and government entities, including the Department of Transportation, are among their valuable clients. Walk-ins are always accepted, and no insurance is required. They provide quick turnaround, on-site testing, and mobile drug and alcohol testing 24 hours a day, seven days a week, following the requirements of people.

Legally, Safety regulations are followed.

They recognize that going through drug, lab, or DNA testing can be a stressful experience. This business necessitates thoroughness and safety, which sometimes necessitates vulnerability on a person’s part when they entrust them to draw their samples with care, from saliva to blood. People may be sure that, regardless of the test’s purpose or approach, privacy is a top priority for them. They always act in line with legal safety regulations while informing people of their procedure. They’ll do everything they can to make people as comfortable as possible, including adhering to a thorough protocol and testing system.

Protects customers’ privacy.

All Department of Transportation tests involve observed collections. Due to the severity and significance of testing in these circumstances, they are legally compelled to witness a person as they provide their test sample, whether oral fluid or urine. They recognize the sensitivity of this criterion, which is why they always require the examiner to be of the same gender as the individual being tested. They shall provide a personal space for the process and take all reasonable efforts to protect their customers’ privacy.


Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City, as a medical lab, offers a wide range of testing, from regular lab tests and blood testing to tests mandated by employers. COVID testing, blood glucose tests, CBC (Complete Blood Count), BMP (Basal Metabolic Panel), CMP (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel), flu tests, STD tests, HIV tests, and drug screening are just a few of the more common services provided by clinical laboratories.

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