Are you relocating to a different city? Concerned about the safe storage of your precious electrical appliances? If so, this article is for you since it outlines the proper way to pack an air conditioning unit. Perhaps the packaging isn’t very thorough, but what important is how it’s done. And only the best moving company in Toronto can complete this work with great ease and care.

How to Pack and Move an Air Conditioner

  • Unplug and drain- The first step in relocating your air conditioner is to empty it. This is an unavoidable step that must not be missed. You will need to disconnect the machine and drain the water that has accumulated within it. True, not all air conditioners collect water, but if yours has a water collecting dish, you should dry it thoroughly. In fact, after you’ve found the water drainage point, it’s a good idea to clean the entire device.
  • Detach and dolly-You should be aware that air conditioners are rather substantial. It would require experience and the understanding to manage it properly, which only specialists have. In this phase, the movers will gently unscrew the unit, especially if it sits on a windowsill. Furthermore, they carry the necessary materials and devices to remove the unit, such as grip gloves, screwdrivers, and a thick towel to soak water, a dolly to transfer your AC to be put in the truck, and a robust bag to store your removable components. They will also take thorough care of the AC hose or the place from which the hot air escapes.
  • Re-sealing the window- After you unplug the AC unit, there will be a gap in your window that must be filled. If your windows lack window openers, they must be composed of cardboard, Styrofoam, or plastic. What you can do is preserve these pieces safe and utilize them when putting the device in the window of your new home. As a result, make certain that the window is correctly re-sealed.
  • Packing the unit-– When it comes to loading the AC unit, you must use extreme caution. You’ll understand how crucial it is to drain and clean the unit when you put it onto the truck. Of course, you don’t want to get your other home items wet from the pooled water within the AC.  The best moving and packing company will pack your air conditioner in a box with sufficient Styrofoam padding and may also use bubble sheets to cover it. They will also attempt taping only the removable pieces of the AC with it. Sliding it inside the box will be a little difficult, but once inside, it will keep all the pieces secure and in one area.
  • Reinstalling at the destination-After successfully relocating to your new home, you will need to replace the air conditioning equipment. Here, you’ll need to decide which window you want to place the unit in, as well as how to properly seal the window so that the correct temperature is maintained within the room.

Conclusion –

After you’ve packed the air conditioner inside the box, make sure to identify it so you don’t mix it up with the other packed boxes. It is important to note that packing such an electrical device requires the expertise of a professional, and if you handle it yourself, you may wind up causing harm to your item. You certainly do not want major harm to your pricey gadget, do you? So, without a doubt, contact the best moving companies Toronto that offers Corporate relocation services.

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