Right now, 1 out of every 7 children in America are not sure whether they will get their next meal or not. Hunger is an important issue in the society, which can take a bad shape if not addressed immediately. Food and nutrients play an important role in development of a child.

When a child suffers from malnutrition, they tend to repeat classes in school as their motor skills do not develop completely. Also, in the long run they have more social and behavioural problems. They can take wrong path later in life to satisfy their hunger.

As per the recent government regulations there are special programs held which aims to reduce hunger. There are food banks in most of the urban regions of the States supporting this cause. To make an impact on the society has never been easier and you can help in ending child hunger. There is no harm in doing your part. Let us check how:


To run any program or to devise any program for an NGO it needs volunteering. No events and food camps can happen without volunteering. The least you can do for the less fortunate kids is to spend one of your weekends, plan a food camp and volunteer there. You can ask your friends, family members and neighbours to volunteer in the activity. Also, you can just search where you can be a volunteer in an existing program and do your part.

Organizing food camp

To feed the hungry children, you can invest some amount of your time and organize a food camp for orphan kids. There are also several schools which support and invest in this kind of program. You can approach them for funding and organize a program. Not only you are helping to reduce child hunger but also you are inspiring the society by setting an example.

Donating food to the food bank

This is one activity that will not take much of your time and you can continue doing this in order to help the orphanage. All NGOs have food bank in their area. You can donate food to them. It is suggested to donate dry food which they can store for a longer period of time. However, most of the NGOs have their website where they mention the food you can donate for the week. You can have a look and plan.

Tying them up with a corporate

Even corporate has their social responsibility. You can approach the senior level managers of your company and convince them to invest in the NGO. Before doing that, you must have a foolproof plan how it will mutually benefit each other.

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