If you are self-conscious about taking part in some form of physical exercise, you are surely not alone. There are an increasing number of people becoming more and more self-conscious of, how they look, or how they think they are perceived by others, for a whole load of different reasons. If you feel like this at any time, or know somebody else that does, do not fret! Who cares what anybody else thinks, it’s more likely that you just haven’t found the right sport, or place for you.

A Few You  Things Could Try

Partner Up – You could try and find a close friend, or family member to exercise with, if it’s that you find it harder to get motivated on your own, ‘which most people can suffer at the best of times. At least that way, you can ‘egg’ each other on and hopefully help to improve each other’s fitness/wellbeing.

Work Out From Home – You could try working out from home if it really is too much of a daunting thought to start your exercise regime publicly, it’s perfectly normal to feel a little odd, and more common than you may realize. Exercise is quite a personal process, as such it could be deemed to be ‘unnatural’ to go running in groups on the street, or go to a gym.

Try BJJ (Brazilian Jujitsu) – You could try a beginner’s exercise class, perhaps something like BJJ Reading would be a good place to start, BJJ, or Brazilain Jujitsu is a great form of technical exercise. Not to dissimilar to judo in some ways and it is a massive part of the MMA scene, BJJ is used for the ground work when the fighters go to the canvas and fight it out, the loss usually going to the fighter who has the least energy in their tank.

Find The Right People

This probably seems like the most obvious piece of advice, or help that anybody could offer you, like you hadn’t already considered that being with the right people will, absolutely make all the difference. A large number of gyms can be ‘clicky’, you’ve no doubt got your locals there who are in their own little groups, some will be working hard towards a mutual goal, others will be on their phones, not to mention the likely group of gossip losers.

Hopefully you can manage to find the right place, whereby you feel welcomed, and supported. You should never have to feel uncomfortable in any way whatsoever, and if you learn BJJ, nobody’s going to mess with you, that’s for sure.

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