Making pizza at home can range from topping an English muffin with sauce and cheese in the toaster oven to importing a wood-fired oven for your kitchen. For those in the middle, the challenge has always been achieving the high temperatures needed for a perfect pie, as residential ovens rarely reach the soaring temperatures of pizzeria ovens.

Recently, however, there has been a breakthrough: the portable outdoor pizza oven. These ovens can be placed outside and fired up with propane, wood, or charcoal, allowing homemade pizza lovers to achieve the high heat required for restaurant-quality pies right in their backyard.

Kamado Joe Classic II is one such oven offered by BBQs 2u that can offer you a smoky flavour for your fish, meat, and vegetables. Its design is based on the ancient Asian style of grill, which has been further modernised.

Compared to other grills, Kamado grills feature stronger walls and better heat retention. Accessories for their Kamado Joe BBQ, rotisserie, and pizza oven complete their outstanding selection.

Delivita is another very passionate company that wants to bring the art of authentic cooking to your own home. Delivita Diavolo ovens have the facility to prepare both wood and gas-fired pizzas.

This oven is known for its quality, portability, and eco-friendliness. It is made in Yorkshire and has been able to get international fame over the years. If you love outdoor cooking, then this is the right oven for you.

What is an Outdoor Pizza Oven?

Pizza ovens differ from conventional ovens in that they cook at extremely high temperatures.

Made from brick, these outdoor pizza ovens have wood-burning fire inside it oven at the back.

How Do Open-air Pizza Ovens Work?

A good pizza depends on how the oven is constructed. Everything is designed to retain heat effectively. While the fire and flames at the back create initial heat, the stored heat within the oven cooks the pizza.

The base, walls, and dome are all insulated to maximize heat retention, allowing pizza ovens to achieve temperatures higher than 425°C (797°F). This ensures even and efficient cooking of the pizza crust and toppings.

Why do they burn so hot?

Because pizzas are typically ready in a few minutes and should be prepared quite rapidly!  Let us compare pizza ovens with wood-burning and those with gas-burning.


The conventional fuel for outdoor ovens is wood. In addition to providing the oven with the required heat, burning wood adds a flavourful layer through the smoke it creates.

Pizza ovens that burn wood take some time to heat up, but the satisfaction of starting a fire from scratch every time is worth it.


On the other hand, gas ignites quickly and heats up quickly, so you can quickly start cooking your pizza. What it does not do is add any of your pizza’s lovely, fragrant flavour, which genuinely makes all the difference!

An outdoor pizza oven that burns wood is the only option if you want the purest, most authentic taste possible!