When it comes, Tantric Massage is just a kind of massage. However, it was founded on the premise that better health may be achieved via a calm and enjoyable sexual experience. The Hindus define Tantra as a method of gaining personal progress by enjoying one’s surroundings. The orgasms resulting from the massage are referred to as a “bonus” rather than the primary objective.

But even though it doesn’t involve penetration of the organs, tantric massage involves full-on touching. Because of this, you won’t be able to get it at your local health center. Numerous massage parlors in London and other major cities provide this service. The following is a simple Tantric massage tutorial for those who wish to give it a whirl in the privacy of their own home.

Lingam is the name given to your masculinity from this point on. Yoni is the name of the lady’s genitals. They are much more pleasant things to hear. If you’re going to have a massage, you’ll need to select whether or not you’ll strip down. Professional Tantric masseuses think that exposing you to the elements aids healing.

If you’re a little apprehensive, you may wear some clothing to hide your Lingam or Yoni. Remove your underwear and crank up the heat if you’re at home with your significant other. Listen to some mellow music. You’ve got to stop thinking about kneading your sweetheart till he or she cries out for help. It’s not a massage like that.

Getting Your Passion Back

Through the practice of tantric massage, a couple has the opportunity to go on a sensual journey towards perfect physical awareness, connection, and love for one another. This massage is both sensuous and therapeutic, and it works by opening up the body, the mind, and the emotions. As a result, the sexual energy of the body is able to flow more freely throughout the whole body.

Some have employed ancient Indian methods to calm the body, raise desire, awaken a deeper sensuality and sexuality, enhance connection with your lover, and remove blocked energy and bad feelings from previous injuries. In a tantric massage, neither the provider nor the recipient race to climax but instead remain present in the moment.

Orgasm isn’t a big deal, but if it does happen, that’s OK. Couples with problems attaining or maintaining an erection might benefit from tantric massage since it alleviates the stress and worry that comes with reaching or sustaining a sexual climax. If a problem arises, it is always best to seek medical attention.

The benefits of tantric sensual massage go beyond just enhancing sensual and sexual desire; they also aid couples who have ruled out the possibility of a medical cause for their discomfort. Setting the right mood for a tantric massage session is crucial. Make sure the environment is warm and welcoming, with gentle lighting.

You should ensure that you have all the required supplies, including massage oils, towels, robes, sheets, music, and snacks, since preparation is the most significant aspect of the quality of a massage. It is strongly suggested that you give yourself at least two hours a day to unwind and do something pleasurable.

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